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Dreamcast 2.0 coming…

Sunday, November 6th, 2005

Here’s a hilarious list of 23 reasons why the Xbox360 is the second coming of the Dreamcast. I’m not quoting anything since they deserve to be viewed with the original illustrations; however, the pedantic nit-picker in me insists to mention that AFAIK no shipping game ever used the Windows CE kernel Microsoft offered for the Dreamcast, and that the claims of “far superior next-gen console” coming from Sony have little to do with reality this time around.

Xbox vs. Xbox 360 Shot

Friday, November 4th, 2005

This console generation’s cross-platform games targeting the lowest denominator (read: PS2) are a bad enough idea, but Xbox/Xbox360 games are simply horrible. Case in point: this comparison screenshot of King Kong running on the Xbox and the Xbox360. Of course, Ubisoft will sell 20% more copies thanks to this additional SKU, but the “see, we told you it’s Xbox 1.5″ reviews will hurt the platform in the long run… why are Microsoft certifying this?

TrueSkill Details

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

On Microsoft Research, among other things, you can find a surprisingly detailed description of TrueSkill, Xbox Live’s ranking system.

[via Major Nelson]

Halo + Madden, yeah!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

Само ако играех Madden (което РІ РјРѕСЏ случай вероятно Р±Рё трябвало РґР° СЃРµ “локализира” като FIFA), щях РґР° РјРѕРіР° СЃ двете ръце РґР° СЃРµ подпиша РїРѕРґ дългия Рё забавен рант (Рµ, РїРѕ-забавен, отколкото дълъг, което Рµ правилното съотношение) РЅР° psu, озаглавен Хората РёР· Интернет, които РЅРµ СЃР° съгласни СЃ мен, СЃР° тъпи:

I have only recently become morbidly obsessed with games, and as such I represent what the long term gamer hates most: the guy who likes mostly Halo and Madden. Where others see a depressing lack of innovation and risk-taking, I see a stunning series of games that have fabulous production values and excellently refined gameplay. To me, the current generation of console is the peak of the industry. It is the ultimate fruition of what so many people have been working so hard for so long to achieve: a gaming industry that is solidly in the mainstream with broad appeal across populations with diverse interests.

If you’re going to sit in your basement pretending you’re an elf…

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005