Buck a point

I always wondered why on Earth games typically have “inflated” scoring systems: the tiniest thing you can do is awarded not with 1 point, but with, e.g. 100. Here’s a resonable theory by Kim Pallister:

Kim’s First Rule of Casual Game Design: Points awarded should correlate to real-world currency and the reward for an accomplishment should correlate to the value to the user.

OK, so what does this mean?
First off, when I say “first rule” I don’t mean most important. I just mean it’s the first I’ve come up with :-)
Secondly, when I say correlate to real-world currency, I mean the basic unit. E.g. 1 point = $1.
Finally, when I say value to user, I mean that you should think about things like “if these points were dollars, how would I feel about accomplishing that act and winning that amount?”

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