A Tale of Two Shooters

Please waste some of your time watching these two trailers; for greater effect you might even watch them in parallel:


One of them is uninspired, bland-looking, and its only aspiration to greatness are the interspersed frames of a guy hiding in his armchair when he’s not waving a remote-control in the air; even in the context of a trailer, a highly polished marketing product, the control seems somewhat awkward in the traditional tank-turret kind of way. (Meaning you either move, or target, never both at the same time.) The other game shows flow, elegance and intensity in its in-game sequences, and incredible scene richness. One of than makes me want to play it, and the other does not.

One of them will get the crown of “proper next-gen console gaming”, and the other will be regarded as an also-ran who got its priorities all wrong… but, hard for me to believe as it is, it’s not yet clear which is which. The media blitz whipped up around the second coming of the gaming gods, aka the Wiimote, has distorted the fabric of reality so much we should be seeing black holes before long. Am I the only sane man in the world? (cue hollow echo)

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