No PS3 for the sophisticated

Just as I was writing the previous post, whining about the high price of the HDTV+360 combo, in came the news that the Playstation 3 is being delayed by a full 4 months in Europe, until March 2007.  To add insult to injury (or was it the other way round? I can never remember), they’ll be launching in the US with just 400k units, and - get it - 100k units for Japan. If this is not a paper launch, I don’t know what is.

Interesting discussion in this Beyond3D thread:

I think their mentality is now that they don’t really care how many PS3s (as consoles) they sell compared to the 360. I think their main priority is now how many PS3s (as Blu-Ray players and media hubs) they will sell compared to HDDVD and Windows Media Hubs.

Remember that Sony will make a whole lot more money from Blur movie sales than anything else, if the format does kick off. It’s practically just the cost of the discs and packaging and nothing else since the content is already all done, ready to be re-re-resold for the Nth time on a different format at a higher price than DVDs.

So I think in their eyes PS3 might just sell 50M in its lifetime, which is not good compared to PS1 and PS2, but that will mean that there will be 50M Blur players on the market, and that is Good (TM) for them.

Sony might get 30% market share (and MS Unintended get another 30% each), but in their eyes, that might be around 90% of the HD-movie market, which would be GREAT business for them.

Microsoft have already secured next-gen exclusivity of the major soccer (sorry, football) titles for this Christmas season; they should move in for the kill and aggressively reduce the price of 360, at least recalculating the US prices by the exchange rate, e.g. ~250 EUR for the Core and ~300 EUR for the premium.

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