The Case for 64-bit OSes

I did a small experiment in memory allocation today. My work PC has 2 GB of physical RAM. I tried allocating:

  • 1 GB in one go: failed
  • 2 x 512 MB : failed
  • 1 x 900 MB: succeeded
  • 2048 x 1 MB: failed around the 1800th allocation

Clearly something is fragmenting the address space - a fixed loading address DLL, the AGP aperture, maybe some stubborn driver - I don’t know enough about the Windows internals to find out what it is. But I know I want to be able not to worry about whether it will be possible to allocate 1 GB on a machine with 2 GB of physical RAM!

2 Responses to “The Case for 64-bit OSes”

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  2. Café Racer Leather Jacket Says:

    would leave 0.00 GB of memory for the OS and programs. That could be an issue. 64-bit OSes to the rescue. That said, we can’t.

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