Some days are better than others

This wouldn’t be a real blog if I didn’t bitch about life in general, and post pictures of my cat. Unfortunately, I don’t have cat. Fortunately, although there has been much to bitch about around me lately, I had two bright spots in my day today, both vaguely music-related. First, one of my favorite games, Rez, is coming to XBLA. I have spent lots of hours in Rez, trying to beat this or that boss; usually I lose quickly interest in games which are mostly about being hard and presenting a challenge (that’s why I’m not so excite about the other oldskool legend announced today for XBLA, Ikaruga). And in the best of times, I’m indifferent by the trance/electronic/whatchamacallit type of music in Rez. But there’s something about it that hypnotizes me for hours, chasing the lines on the screen. If there was a game that could benefit from HDTV, it would be Rez; in a perfect world it should come with a vector screen, even. Eh, maybe I’m just a sucker for rail shooters, and the next announcement that would make me just as happy would be a Panzer Dragoon Orta spiritual sequel. By the way, Rez can’t work on the PS3 in its present form - it really needs the throbbing of the controller in your hands as part of the experience. (Please, no trance vibrator jokes… if at all possible.)

The second bright spot was this video of somebody called Richard Lewis (sorry, I even tried to learn who this guy was, without luck) singing a gentle love song accompanied by his Nintendo DS, strumming virtual chords with his stylus in a game called Jam Sessions. If this is not a killer app, I don’t know what is.

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